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Sore Chest Muscles:

Chest pain due to inflammation of the muscles is a very common phenomenon in athletes and older people. If this is not a life-threatening situation, it can be inflammation of the chest muscles weaken and can cause severe pain and discomfort.

Sore Chest MusclesA sharp, stabbing pain in the chest, you do not need to be an indication of a heart attack. Often, it can happen chest pain due to inflammation of the muscles of the chest. Soreness in the muscles of the chest is often due to repeated and excessive use of muscles, or due to trauma to the chest. When a strong force is applied to the chest area, behind the chest muscles can bear, chest muscles get bruised and wounded. The chest muscle inflammation is common in athletes who participate in sports requiring physical contact.

When we refer to the chest muscles sore, we are referring to bruises or injuries in the pectoralis major muscle, pectoral minor muscle and intercostal muscles, subclavian, and sternal muscles in the chest. Depending on the muscles that have burst, injured, or bruising, and symptoms can vary. The health care skilled are ready to live the muscle that has been contusioned, from the positioning of pain and alternative symptoms concerned.

+ Sore Chest Muscle Symptoms:

Symptoms of inflammation of the muscles of the chest will vary depending on the severity of the infection in the muscles. If there is a slight bruise, the pain and discomfort will feel slightly, however, if the injury is severe, and will be experienced the following symptoms.

+ Pain during breathing
+ Pain and tenderness within the affected space
+ Chest pain while walking
+ Inability to move the arm correctly
+ Swelling and redness.

Sore Chest Muscles+ Causes of Sore Chest Muscles:


Some diseases, such as fibromyalgia cause muscle degeneration. Thus, muscle soreness is likely to occur, even in the slightest stress. Similarly, certain infections may respiratory tract can also cause severe muscle pain.


Aging weakens the muscles of the chest. Thus, even a tiny amount of strain can cause rupture. Inflammation of the chest muscles in the elderly is also a result of respiratory problems above, since they are more susceptible to bronchitis and pneumonia.


Strenuous exercises during workouts can cause sore muscles. This is because during the regular session of the exercise, and pectoral muscles of the chest may get a pull or tense. Sudden jerks while exercising or lifting weights can also lead to inflammation of the muscles.

Persistent cough

Cough is the main reason for the soreness in the muscles of the chest. Persistent cough puts a lot of pressure on the muscles of the chest, the chest wall, resulting eventually in a wrench. Was found on the chest muscles sore from coughing mainly in people who suffer from respiratory disorders such as pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.


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