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The fact Apple cider vinegar and its importance in the weight loss

Spread In the latter recently of diet "apple cider vinegar" where you should Eating a spoon or more of apple cider vinegar before each meal. For the success of the process of weight loss, Is Really helps Eating apple cider vinegar in weight loss or is it tricks Marketing Producers to increase sales?

In a study conducted on mice in 2009, it was found that mice that were given vinegar With High-fat diet she had fat accumulation less compared to the other group not given vinegar.

Theoretically Vinegar works to activate the enzymes that work on the analysis of fat and therefore the eating vinegar reduces Process of accumulation of fat.
It is well known also that eating vinegar works to slow down Process Dump Stomach Of food  and reduces The effect of meals High carbohydrate on blood  And so the eating apple cider vinegar (vinegar and in general) Is good for dieters diet weight loss is that the vinegar does not contain compounds that magic is working to reduce weight, but must be based dieters on moderation in the quantities and reduce calories in general and perseverance to follow healthy eating habits and without it will not work any diet Weight Loss.

- How to use apple cider vinegar?

There are recommendations scientific way to use it .but can eat a spoon to two tablespoons. Daily with a glass of water,

- Risks of apple cider vinegar:

May be eating apple cider vinegar in big quantities health hazard
-  Can that react apple cider vinegar with drugs for heart disease and diabetes.
- Apple cider vinegar Composite High acidity must be mixed with a quantity of water or juice Because vinegar Center harms the mouth, teeth, and members of Body's internal organs.
- Must Diabetic patients to consult a doctor before using apple cider vinegar.

- If does advise using apple cider vinegar?

The answer Depends on the way you use apple cider vinegar, Where it can be added to food as the authority soup in small quantities But using it on a daily basis and has frequently carries a health hazard.

In all cases, you should consult your doctor before using apple cider vinegar.

- Other benefits of apple cider vinegar:

-         * Acne treatment: Apple cider vinegar effective treatment. To get rid of acne, where he works to kill the bacteria that cause these grains as well as regulate the level of acidity in the body, and the absorption of excess fat in the skin.

-          *Treating halitosis

-         * Get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat


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